Antique keys in my window…


Antique keys in my window

I have a collection of antique keys I’ve been wanting to disply.  I used to have them in antique print letter cabinets (more on that later), but after moving I wanted a new way to display them.  I decided to hang them in my front window.  (I happen to have a keyless entry door, so I thought it was very clever of myself to hang all these keys above a door that needs no key! har har har…)

I put this together by drilling 20 small holes into a strip of wood.  I used clear fishing nylon to tie the keys and thread them through the holes that I just drilled into the plank of wood.  I tied the strings off at various length so the keys hang at random lengths.  I painted the wood to match the window frame and screwed two wood screws through the plank of wood onto my window frame.   I think they’re a great addition to my entryway!

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One thought on “Antique keys in my window…

  1. […] my front door, a set of antique keys hang in the window on clear fishing wires.  An antique brass hand clip is attached to my front […]

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